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Version 5.6.20 Release Date 2018-02-18

New Features

  • Nation Builder Integration
    • Forms, Ecommerce Forms, LMS and Subscriptions can all be set to push data to Nation Builder CRM


  • Some CSS and Javascript Bugs addressed

Version 5.6.26 Release Date 2018-09-15

New Features

  • Image Attribution Tools
    • Added Image Attribution Fields to Image upload /edit
    • Ability to create automatic display of image attribution in layouts
    • Ability to require Admin to enter image attribution fields


  • Some CSS and Javascript Bugs addressed
  • Fixed Color Picker Pagelet bug
  • Fixed Checkbox Pagelet bug

Version 5.7 Release Date 2019-02-19

New Features

  • Page
    • Added Ability to Require Pagelets 
  • Child Pagelet Definitions 
    • Added Ability to Require Pagelets 
  • Grandchildren Pagelet Definitions 
    • Added Ability to Require Pagelets 
  • Schedule 
    • Allows admin to schedule status and layout change to specific date and time
      • Works in Pages, Blogs and PageSets


  • Some CSS and Javascript Bugs addressed

Version 5.6.17 Release Date 2017-08-23

Bootstrap 4 Compatibility

Menu manager

  • Added the Bootstrap 4 compatibility to menu manager

Psycode updates

New tags

  • <p:menu-right /> and <p:menu-left /> added

Version 5.6.16 Release Date 2017-08-01

Front End Sort Enhancement

Sort collections by manual pagelet date

  • Added the ability to sort lists by a manual entered date in a pagelet. Ability to Sort ascending or descending. Ask your rep how to implement.

UX/UI edits


  • Modified columns for better usability. added new Columns: Published date & Updated by, removed Status by. Changed Order of columns. This will add some additional accountability to the system.

Version 5.6.15 Release Date 2017-06-07


Ecommerce Forms Info Screen

  • Better display fo copy form code.

Version 5.6.14 Release Date 2017-06-07


Public Forms Info Screen

  • Better display fo copy form code.
  • Spam proof now generate proper JS in copy paste area on inof page for public forms.

Version 5.6.13 Release Date 2017-05-31


Public Forms & Ecommerce Forms

  • Submission display enhanced with search, sort and pagination.

Version 5.6.12 Release Date 2017-05-27


Public Forms

  • Spam Proof Feature - Inquire with your rep

Version 5.6.11 Release Date 2017-05-19

Bug Fixes


  • Fix bug that was not allowing use of List Group

UX edits

Image manager

  • Modified form in "Add Version" Crop Form to be more user friendly

Version 5.6.10 Release Date 2017-05-19

Bug Fixes


  • Fix an issue that was causing the url modal to not launch

Versioning enhancement changes


  • You can now move pages from one parent to another.


  • Logged in email is displayed under name in header.
  • Password Change/Reset option added to admin menu in header.
  • Removed Legacy Psyclone Data Control panel from settings

Version 5.6.9 Release Date 2017-05-11

Bug Fixes

Google Chrome Update Bug

  • Google Chrome update re-introduced a prior bug that google had previously fixed where you could not copy and paste from alerts.
    This bug caused structure users not to be able to copy and past URLs from the Image Manager and Asset Manager. We have recoded the way structure displays the urls so that this is no longer and issue.

Subscriptions Download Bug

  • Fixed bug preventing the ability to download csv of subscribers

Versioning enhancement change

  • Versioning will now be 3 decimal places allowing a more definative method for versioning. Current 5.6.9 the next minor update willbe 5.6.10 and so on

Version 5.68 Release Date 2017-05-11


Deployer API Integration

  • StructureCMS Now has Full API integration with Deployer
    Deployer is an enterprise level email markerting system by Psyclone Media, Inc.
    Learn More at

Version 5.67 Release Date 2017-05-04


Image Manager

  • Title Field is now required on Image upload

Version 5.66 Release Date 2017-04-26


Facebook and Twitter Login

  • You now can target a custom success page on facebook and twitter login thru url parameter

Version 5.65 Release Date 04/20/2017


Facebook and Twitter Login

  • This feature allows subscribers to login to your site with their facebook or twitter accounts
  • Upon Login their Name, Email address and profile image is recorder in your downloadable subscribers database
  • You can personalize content to them using any of the above fields also shoe them as "logged in"
  • You can deliver specific subscriber only content to logged in users of the site also you can up sell to a paid subscription for premimum content or offerings. 

Requirements for Facebook and Twitter Login

  • Site must have an SSL
  • Site is required to have a "terms of use" and "privacy policy" or Facebook and Twitter do not allow capture of email address and login will not function.
  • Free Apps need to be set up on Facebook and on Twitter for the site login to function. This is an easy process your Structure team can provide instructions or can provide the setup service. 

For more information on what this can do for you contact your Structure CMS Rep