Access all of your web properties on one site, one login, one secure user/pw.

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Powerfull Tool Set

Structure gives you complete control of your website on the most intuitive interface ever created.

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Needed Integrations

Plug and play integrations from leading merchant service providers, analytics, social networks and more.

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Future Growth

Our creative developers are constantly innovating, reinventing and expanding the capabilities of content management.

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StructureCMS 5.x

Clean, professional, goal-oriented website management system focused on building stronger, more effective business online. Engineered for the cloud, StructureCMS™ is a scalable closed source secure system that is absent of open source vulnerabilities.

Structure CMS™ is a multi-domain advanced Web Management system that is built on Web 2.0 principles. The Structure CMS™ allows computer novices to manage ALL aspects of your organizations Internet operations. Take a look at our portfolio to see our solutions at work.

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Structure CMS™ is utilizes a responsive interface for the times you need to make crucial time sensitive edits while on the go.

Structure CMS™ is compatible with all major operating systems and platforms

iPhone 6+

Built in the cloud, for the cloud...

Structure CMS™ is built on amazon’s elastic cloud infrastructure and leverages amazon’s reliability, power and on demand scalability to make Structure CMS™ the best SAAS CMS on the market.

With better than 99.99% uptime and the ability to increase the number of servers on demand and automatically based on the traffic load on the system at any given time, Structure CMS™ guarentees is customers the performance and piece of mind to know their sites will be there when visited.

Commerce Solutions Built In

Structure CMS™ has built-in integrations with 4 major merchant/gateway providers.

Structure CMS™ offers several options for transacting commerce. Form based ecommerce can be used for donations or simple transactions. Our form system supports both one time and recurring transaction. Structure CMS™ also offers a basic shopping cart for products.

Optional paid subscription services can be offered with premium protected content. *
* Available with Stripe & Only

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Subscription management

Integraded Subscription Login

Provide subscriber personalized content and premimum content via the Structure CMS™ subscription management system.

Both free and multi-level paid for content services can be easily configured through the subscription manager.

Structure CMS™ now supports both traditional email password registration/login and social network registration/login with Facebook and Twitter.

Subscription servies work for both content and our Learning Management Platform(LMS)

Ask your Structure CMS™ representitive how subscription services can benefit your site today.